First and foremost, I'm a wife and mother of six.  Although being wife and mom to such a big family has it's challenges and ups and downs, I love my life.  I love my kids.  They are all the greatest with each having their own amazing traits and talents.

I named my blog brasier house because I feel like that name is what defines me.  I'm a Brasier and we are the brasier house. 

(pronounced BRAY - szhure)  <--  does that make sense?  I hope so, because I can't tell you how many times we've been called Brassierre -- like the ladies' undergarment.

It's named brasier house I guess to reserve my right to blog about my family from time to time if I'd like.  I'm a quilter, but first and foremost, a wife and mom.  The majority of my world revolves around the seven people I love most.

From left to right:
My husband Doug, Rayce, Kelly, my mother-in-law, Ari, Megan, Rachel, my father-in-law, me, and my baby, Ryker.
 I've been quilting for about 14 years.  Other than sewing pillows shaped like my initials in 7th grade sewing class, I hadn't had any sewing experience before that. 

My dear friend and running partner was an avid quilter and she asked me one day if I wanted to learn how to make a quilt.  I agreed, but mostly to please her.  Within the space of two days, she taught me how to cut my fabric, piece simple squares and match corners, put borders on, how to make a quilt sandwich, and prepare and attach binding.  She walked me through the first quilt, then sent me home with her own sewing machine and told me to make one immediately on my own so I'd remember it all.

 I did as I was told, and ever since I've been addicted to quilting; determined to learn as much as I can as I go along.

I have always loved piecing quilts from the very beginning, but I always ran into problems when it was time to put the quilt together.  I tied a few of my first quilts, but didn't like it much.  I've always loved the look and feel of a quilted quilt. 

I learned how to hand quilt and did a few of my quilts by hand, but the time that it took was a burden to me and my family.  A huge set of quilting frames set up in the living room for two months can be very inconvenient!

I then moved to machine quilting in straight lines, and did that for awhile, but that was limiting also.

About two years ago I learned to free-motion machine quilt.  I discovered that I absolutely love the motion and process of quilting a quilt with this technique.  I am much less limited in the designs that I quilt and it's so fun to design new patterns to quilt.

Moving a big bulky quilt around under a sewing machine can be tough, so I've decided that my next quilting step will be to someday acquire a longarm quilter and maybe go into business as a professional quilter, as soon as I can convince my husband to agree with me about it! :)

My goals for this blog are simple:

  • To share my love of quilting with others out there that share the same love of this timeless craft.

  • To learn from those who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

  • To gain inspiration from all the amazing talent out there.

  • To share my knowledge with those who are willing to learn.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a moment with me!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment or email me:



  1. Well, Hi! I'm on the blog hop, but thought I'd snoop around. 6 kids! (Can't believe it...you look so young!) Lots of happy faces in your photo. I'm a new blogger, too, but only have about 5 followers! haha! I'll be back to look at your quilts again.

  2. I am green with envy, I would have loved a bunch of children but it was not to be. I am yet to start a blog, a broken wrist has put a great deal on hold, but it is on the horizon. I have been sewing from the age of 5 and quilting for 2 years still learning. I have yet to follow a pattern, I get an idea from a fabric I love and just let it grow. Not very disciplined but fun.

  3. So far, my blog is private. But it's there. With a few entries. Pam, I quilt like you do - I don't follow directions well - so I let the fabric lead me. That and a few good books I've read and re-read over the years. My best friend and I were supposed to quilt together, almost 12 years ago, but the Navy and children changed those plans. So now I quilt, or piece really, and she doesn't. Or at least she hasn't for awhile.


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