Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Projects...

I've got a new project in the works!  Okay, I ALWAYS have projects in the works. 

This is a NEW project.

I'm mighty excited about it. 

I have lots of projects that just swim around in my head.  If I think to, I write them down onto my project list, so they don't swim away permanently.

This one has been up in my head swimming around for an entire YEAR.  It's been on my project list, too, for that matter.  Number 1.

My kids and my husband gave me these beauties for Christmas.  Last year.  Meaning, 2010.

I love this fabric.  It's called Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.

When it first came out, I immediately fell in love.

I'm usually not attracted to colors like this.  I usually tend to lean to deep reds, browns, oranges; earth tones.  I think I surprised myself a little when I just couldn't get enough of this fabric.  Maybe it was the red that first caught my eye, because after all, RED is my favorite.  I still, even after a year, love this fabric.

I have wanted this stuff for a long time, but I was determined to not buy it. 

I don't buy a ton of stuff for myself, especially with my husband back in school, but I feel like I DO buy too much fabric.

So, with the holidays coming up, I was determined to NOT buy any more fabric.  Even if it meant I couldn't have BLISS.

I just made a shameless plug to my husband, and my kids, at any time that I knew they were listening.

I made a quilt with Bliss for my mother-in-law in November 2010, so they all knew what I was talking about.

Christmas morning last year, I was well rewarded for my patience.  Not only did I get t.h.r.e.e. charm packs of my beautiful Bliss, but I got two yards of the Bliss white dots, 3/4 of a yard of Bliss red on red flowers (technical, I know), and four yards of wonderful, soft, luxurious Bliss flannel in red dots.  I was so excited!

Because of the craziness of my year last year, all that I could do with them is place them in my fabric closet, close it up, and peek in once in a while to drool over them.  I had lots of projects and just craziness that I couldn't find the time to spend with them. 

So they sat.  And I drooled.  And my husband and kids were supremely offended because I didn't use it. 

I asked for more fabric this Christmas.  Their response to me was: 

{Mom, we bought you fabric for Christmas last year, and you never used it.} 

I simply told them that a girl can never have enough fabric! 

It will get used.

I'm making a stacked coins quilt with these babies.

I made the same thing for my mother-in-law in November 2010, because she was going into the hospital for back surgery, and was feeling very depressed and apprehensive about it.  I thought I would make her a quilt, because I felt very powerless to help her.  But I could make her a quilt, and maybe it would cheer her up a little through her recovery.

While I was making it for her, I totally fell in love with it. 

Honestly, I had a REALLY hard time giving it to her.

Do any of you ever feel like that?  You make something for a loved one, but in the end it's hard to give away because you love it so much?  I guess that's the definition of a gift made with love.

So, because of the generosity of my wonderful husband and kids, I get to make myself one this year!

I can't wait. 


  1. Wow, I can't wait to see what you say about your Ruby that you got this christmas, or do we have to wait another year for that? :)

  2. Ha.Ha. Yes, I do have a post planned to talk about that...and I have something in mind for that! You'll just have to wait and see!


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