Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When Plans Get Changed For You

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, perhaps you know that I've been participating in the Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge that Sarah has organized.

There are people in need throughout the world.  The quilts that she receives in behalf of this challenge will be donated to one of two charities:

  • Children in New Orleans that have been affected by Hurricane Katrina, and
  • Patients that have been affected by cancer and chemotherapy.
Both are very worthy charities.  These are great causes to donate time, talents, and quilts to.

When saw back in March that Sarah was holding sign-ups for this challenge, I quickly and eagerly signed up.  

I knew, almost immediately, that I was going to make an I-Spy quilt for a child for one of these amazing charities.

I started thinking right away about what setting or design I was going to create for this quilt, but I couldn't decide on anything.  Nothing seemed right.  Nothing felt good.  I put it on the back burner as I continued to ponder how I was going to make this quilt.

A few weeks later I was shopping when inspiration finally struck, and I got right to work buying materials and starting my blocks.  The funny thing is, the quilt that I finally knew I was going to make was not the I-Spy quilt that I had planned on.  

In fact, its nothing like I had originally planned.

I didn't think much of it and continued working on my quilt--so excited that I'd finally decided on something and it was underway.  The deadline of May 27th was getting closer and I wanted to be done in plenty of time!

As I was getting my blocks finished up and started sewing them together last week, I learned some devastating news about a very dear friend of mine.  News that just breaks my heart for her and her family.  I brought her dinner because that's what we do around here, but felt like I just needed to do more for her, but not knowing what I can do.

As I continued to work on this quilt, a thought kept creeping into my head.  I would brush it aside each time, but it continued to invade my thoughts and wouldn't go away!  And suddenly, I knew what I needed to do.

I realized then, without a doubt, that I have not been making this quilt for the charity that I had planned on.

I've been making this quilt for my friend and neighbor who needs the warmth and comfort of a quilt through this trial in her life.

I realized that was the reason that I just couldn't figure out a way to make that I-Spy quilt that I'd been so excited about.  If I had been making that I-Spy quilt, I wouldn't have had a quilt ready to give to my friend right now when she needs it most.

There are lots of people in need, feeling discouragement, loss or pain throughout the world, but the most important good I can do right now is right here in my own neighborhood.

And this quilt is perfect for her.

I felt sick though, because I knew that if I did what I knew I was supposed to do with this quilt, I wouldn't have a quilt to send for Sarah's Quilt Challenge, like I committed to doing.

I finally emailed Sarah and explained my predicament.  She was so gracious and sweet and told me that she completely understood the situation and invited me to link up to her final Charity Quilt Challenge post anyway, because she understood that this quilt is going to a good cause.

I just appreciate her so much for being so understanding why I won't be sending a quilt her way for the Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge this year.  

She made me feel like a quilt for good is a quilt for good, no matter where in the world it is given.

It's funny how sometimes our plans get changed for us. 

This experience has taught me again that our talents and our life are really not in our own hands...and if we listen, we'll be guided to do the things that are most important.

Quilt Facts:
Marigold Trellis (more on this quilt here.)
Measures 60" X 60"
Each block is 4.5" (finished) with the addition of a 1.5" (finished) border on two sides of each block.
Made with Charm Squares from Joann's and other fabrics from my stash.
The sashing and binding is Kona Coal.
Backing fabric from my LQS (Paparazzi by Red Rooster Studio)
Quilting is free-motion on my Janome.

Thanks again to Sarah for all her work on the Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge.   She is an amazing person and I admire all the good she does!

Thanks for letting me link up with you this week!


  1. You´ve made a beautiful quilt for a very good cause. I am sure your friend will feel better not only because of the quilt but because she knows she has you as her friend.

  2. It's a gorgeous quilt made for exactly the right reason! The quilt has rays of sunshine in it that are certain to warm her heart.

  3. The yellow and gray color combo is really growing on me. It's a beautiful quilt and I hope your friend gets comfort from it.

  4. Beautiful quilt--I love the yellow/gray combo and Kona coal is my absolute favorite! I'm sure your friend appreciates this pretty handmade quilt and your friendship.

  5. Wow. That is a beautiful quilt. So striking. I'm certain your friend will cherish this quilt.

  6. It's a beautiful quilt, and the best of stories! So glad you listened to that still small voice......

  7. Love, love, love the yellow and gray combination! Great gift for a friend!

  8. What a blessing you will be to her : ) It's lovely and I am sure it will be appreciated.

  9. What a beautiful quilt. Even though it is not going to H2H charity it is still going to a great cause. That is all that matters. A quilt of love.

  10. This is a beautiful quilt. Such a touching story. Often things that were meant to be just fall into place.

  11. Imagine the lives we could touch if we would only listen to the still small voice inside of us! What a beautiful story and made with such love. I'm sure your neighbour friend will be as blessed as you are.

  12. Perfect! That is so very lovely, and what a great way to gift it. I know you will have a chance to participate in other charity project in future. The saying "Charity begins at Home" popped into my mind. In this case, "Charity Begins in My Neighborhood" applies! Great job and great pictures!

  13. A beautiful story and a beautiful quilt. Funny how that "voice" speaks to us. Your friend will love the quilt.

  14. Such a touching story! Sarah is totally right and we all think you did the right thing. We do need to stop and listen to what is in our heart. So often in our busy world, we "brush it aside." Kudos to you for listening. Lovely quilt and I'm sure your friend will love it and the sentiment.


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