Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Modern She Made Swap

The first round of the modern she made swap is winding down.

Modern She Made Swap

This was my first make-something swap, and I had SO much fun with it!

This is the mini I made for my partner, Rachel.  
(I blogged about this mini here.)

and some little extras that I sent along with it.  A little cathedral window pincushion, some fat quarters of Birch Fabrics Mod Basics, notecards, and some goodies from my neck of the woods.  

About the goodies I sent:
  • The Idaho Spud, which is actually a candy bar made with  milk chocolate marshmallow in the middle, and covered with dark chocolate and rolled in coconut.  They're local and pretty popular here.  Some people like them, some don't.  I'm not a fan of marshmallow or coconut, so they're not my favorite.  My mother-in-law actually buys gift boxes of them and sends them to family members who aren't local for Christmas.  I thought my partner might like to try one!
  • Huckleberry pretzels, and huckleberry chocolates.   If you've never tried huckleberries, you are missing out!  They're kind of like a blueberry, but smaller and much more delicious.  They grow in the mountains above 5000 feet in several western states. 

My sister-in-law has a secret spot up in the mountains that we go pick every year around the end of August.  We drive four-wheelers in and everyone picks all day.  We bring them home, wash them up, and put them in freezer bags and hoard them in the freezer carefully use them all year so they'll last until we go pick again.  

We're careful with them because sometimes they do well, and sometimes they don't, depending on the weather that year. They're especially delicious in apple pie, in cheesecake, muffins, and milkshakes.  Since I couldn't send fresh huckleberries to my partner, I thought I'd go for some local packaged creations.

But the best part of the swap....?

My package sent to me by Dawn!

She made me a lovely sewing machine cover in red and aqua, my favorite colors.  I LOVE everything about it!  Especially the tape measure fabric on the ties!  She also send some adorable notecards, some sewing machine needles, and five fat quarters of Tufted Tweets!  I am blown away by her sweet and generous package.

I can't wait until the next round, which is hopefully starting soon!  

I just want to say thank you to Julie and Lori for organizing this swap and doing such a great job keeping us all on task and organized!

What have you been involved in lately?  Any swaps?


  1. Diane, you did a lovely job on your swap quilt. Hope your partner likes the Idaho Spud -- my Mom used to send us a box from Nampa every Christmas. They're really good frozen!

  2. Lovely gifts you gave each other.........and those berries!

  3. How do you do the line through the words thing, Mom? I'm excited for you! Looks like a good haul :) and your gifts are so cute, too.


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