Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pushing Through

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!

My weekend's been pretty quiet with three of my kids out of town visiting family.  So since I only had my two youngest at home, I decided to go ahead and do the one thing I've been dreading doing for months now.

Potty Training.


He's my last one.  But I just haven't been able to bear the thought of doing it for the sixth time--even if it's the last time I ever have to do it.

Just look at that little guy.   He is always happy!  He was our surprise baby.  Our blessed baby.  He brings joy to our family that we didn't know we were missing.  They all do, but there's something about the baby.  Sweetness that just never stops.  He'll always be my baby. 

But it's time to get my baby out of diapers.  He's two months shy of 3 years old.

So I brushed up on my favorite potty training book, and plunged in on Friday.

I told him no more diapers for him anymore.

The first day went really well.  We had one accident, but by the afternoon, he was telling me he had to go to the potty.

The next day, he did even better.  He even pooped in the potty!

Today, the third day, we've had no accidents, and he's going into the bathroom on his own to go potty.

I think we did it!!!

It's just a matter of pushing through!  
Knowing you don't want to do it, but sucking it up doing it anyway.  I really should apply this principle to more aspects of my life!

And just a note:  
For anyone that's preparing to potty train:  this is an amazing method for potty training.  I used this method with my last three kids, and they were all potty trained this fast.  You need to take a few days and set everything aside...other kids to G-ma's, no errands, just staying home and potty training.  I tell you, it works!!

Does anyone have any secrets to this process?  Favorite methods?  Leave a comment and tell us! 


  1. Congrats . I had 6 as well, and can't really remember the training being hard. They all show up for school weaned and potty trained : )

  2. Great job! I wish I'd had a scientific, fool-proof approach like that 35 years ago! Thanks for sharing. Sister Kathie


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