Friday, June 15, 2012

TGIFF Party and a Finish

Welcome everyone to my blog and to the TGIFF linking party!

I'm so happy you stopped by and I hope you're ready to link up and show off your finish this week!

I've been so excited for my turn to host TGIFF and I've been planning to show off a finish that I have been really excited about.

But alas, things don't always work out the way that we planned.  While I was working on the last sections of quilting on this quilt, my sewing machine freaked out, and the tension just went crazy.  I spent about 45 minutes trying to fix it, but I couldn't do anything to make it right again.  There's something wrong with the bottom tension I think.  *sigh*  It looks like I'm going to have to take it in to the shop.  Again.  Grrr.

So instead, I have a smaller finish to show you.  A bonnet.

A bonnet??   Yes.  A bonnet.  My sewing plans for this summer have taken a 180 degree turn.  A bonnet is for sure something that is not usually on my list of 'I want to sew.'

We found out recently that our family is going on a Mormon Trek this summer, to honor the pioneer heritage of our church.   The requirements of the Trek are that each participant dress in clothing of the period.  Men and boys wear non-denim type slacks, long-sleeved button-up shirts and suspenders, with some sort of wide-brimmed hat.  All the women and girls have to wear dresses or long skirts and shirts, bonnets, and aprons.

I'll talk more about our Trek next week, with more details about what it's all about.

It's easy enough to get the boys ready, just finding shirts (and altering them slightly) and pants and hats.  It's not as easy to get the girls ready, as long dresses and skirts and bonnets aren't very easy to find.  So, I decided to make my girls and myself our outfits.  That means a lot of sewing!

This is my first project of many this summer that will have to do with our Trek.  It looks like my normal sewing projects will have to be put on hold until we go, which is at the end of July.  I have six weeks to sew bonnets, dresses, and aprons for five girls.  And we all need two changes of clothes for our three day adventure!

She is going to look so adorable in her little pioneer clothes.  How I'll look is a whole different story. :) 

So, not the most glamorous finish out there today, but I'm just keeping it real, ladies (and gentlemen!). This is what my life's going to be like for the next month and a half.  I just hope my sewing machine will cooperate!

Okay, so enough about me...I want to see what everyone else has been up to!  So link up all of your glamorous and fabulous finishes (and not so glam and fab finishes--we know we all have them from time to time!)

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I hope that everyone has a wonderful Father's Day weekend!


  1. What a shame about your sewing machine! Best laid plans!

    The bonnet is very sweet! Sounds like it'll be a fun time for your family :)

  2. So sorry about your machine...that is never fun!! Love the pebbling on the quilt though. Thanks for hosting....

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  4. I love the circle quilting! I will have to try that!
    And you know, my machine does that sometimes too. I swear that it just gets tired and wants a rest!! Just like rebooting your computer...leave it while and go back...and see if she is any happier!! LOL

  5. The trek is going to be awesome!
    Sorry to hear about your machine. I like those circles though and hopefully someday I will have a machine that I can do that kind of stuff on.

  6. Your little girl looks adorable in that bonnet! I hope your sewing machine gets sorted soon :)

  7. Sorry to hear about your sewing machine. Your bonnet looks well loved and used :) Happy Summer! Thanks for hosting TGIFF!!

  8. The bonnet is beautiful, Diane! I'm curious to hear more about the trek. Good luck with your sewing machine -- I hope it's nothing too serious. Thanks for hosting TGIFF!

  9. Sorry to hear about the machine. Love the bonnet. In 1976 my mother made all of us girls dresses and bonnets. I still have the patterns. Thanks for having a linking party.

  10. I think TGIFF actually causes machines to misbehave. It seems to happen a lot! but great work on the bonnet, and thanks for hosting!!!

  11. I wish I could have a copy of the picture of the bonnet at the'll see why, if you pop over to my blog and visit really quick......I'd like to show it on my site and give you a link in the post? Let me know. It's really lovely. Sister Kathie


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