Sunday, February 26, 2012

On my Design Wall

I've been working on another baby quilt for the last couple of days.  I love baby quilts because I just feel like what better way is there to celebrate a new baby than with a quilt?  It is always a joy to me to make a baby quilt for someone special.  This quilt is for a friend of mine who just had a little boy, Logan. 

I bought a charm pack of Ten Little Things by Moda for this quilt.  Don't you just love this line?

 I think it's so adorable.  In fact, I just may get some for a monster truck quilt that I want to make for my little guy.

Anyway, I sewed up all the charm squares into half-square triangles, along with the addition of a few other fabrics.  The brown is Kona Chocolate.  I've been playing around with some placement ideas. 

This is what I think I've decided on.  Any thoughts? 

Any suggestions or comments would certainly be welcome!  I have only ever done pinwheels with my HSTs before, and I thought I needed to branch out.

During my time at my design wall, which is actually over a table so I have to stand on a chair to put my blocks up on it, I had a slight catastrophe.

My ruler was laying half on a stack of fabric and half off.  As I was leaning on the table to grab some more blocks to put up on my wall, I heard a *crack* and discovered my ruler was broken!  I had leaned over and placed my weight right in the middle of my ruler.  Good thing I have another one, but it's never a happy thing to lose one.

I think it's time to move my design wall from over the table, or move the table from under my design wall!

This was my little design helper.  He just kept saying to me, "thanks mom for making it!"  I think he thinks it's for him...

And to end on a super exciting note...I won!!

This adorable bundle of fat eighths.  I've honestly never won anything before...and I'm sooo excited!

Thank so much to Kimberly of my brown bag studio and Judi at Green Fairy Quilts for the giveaway!

I was thinking that a fun, springy, picnic-ish kind of quilt would be fun to make with this bundle of fabric.  Any ideas for patterns?

Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend!


  1. I love the feeling of energy this layout has - perfect for a boy's quilt :)

  2. The quilt is going to be so nice ! I hope you post a finished picture ! your little guy is a cutie ! too bad about your ruler , but you get to go shopping . FQ bundle is lovely . congrats !

  3. I don't really have a wall space either so what I did is hang my felt design wall on four hangers and I put it over the bedroom closet doors. This way I can move it around when I need it and it's folded up and put away when I'm done. Just be careful when you're putting the squares over the door hangers so you don't stretch out the felt.
    Diana- your next door neighbor


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