Saturday, March 24, 2012

We Have a Winner!

I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely LOVED participating in the Quilting Gallery's Blog Hop

I had so much fun visiting all the blogs and getting to know so many new people.  

I also had a ton of fun hosting a giveaway in my little corner of the world.  

These two charm packs of Reunion and 1/3 yard each of two prints from the line.

I was entirely blown away by the comments and support that I received from all who visited my blog.  So many sweet comments were given about my blog, and I really appreciate them.  I also appreciate all those that offered some constructive suggestions.  It's not always easy to say things that are constructive.

One of the first comments I received warned me that I had word verification turned on.  I was thankful for that so I could get it turned off and not annoy everyone all week.

I do try to answer each and every comment.  If I didn't reply to yours, I apologize.  If you're a no-reply blogger, I couldn't reply back.  In the midst of the highest traffic, my email was malfunctioning, and it wouldn't register when I had sent replies.  So I might have even replied to some of you twice!

Anyway, on to the winner, which is what everyone is waiting for anyway!


I used Mr. Randomizer from  He came up with #93.

Judy from Sew Rip Repeat!

Congratulations Judy!!

 I'm sending you an email and I'll also post a comment on your blog to tell you the good news!

Thanks again to everyone who entered my giveaway.  I had so much fun that I just may do it again really soon!

Hope everyone has a great looks like it's going to be a nice one up here in Idaho.


  1. Hi Diane - I received your emails and I'm so happy! I've been dreaming, drooling, staring at this line of fabric for so long. Thank you so much for hosting and for the generator to pick little ole me! Will let you know what I decide to do with this beautiful fabric!

    Thanks again,

  2. Congrats to Judy and thank you Diane for a fun giveaway!! :o)

  3. congratulations from me too, have fun with the fabrics Judy ☺
    Bente- Germany
    I like to QuiltBlog

  4. Hi Diane,

    I just presented the "Liebster Award" to you! Check out my latest post for details!



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