Thursday, March 29, 2012

Works in Progress

I haven't had a lot of time to sew in the last month!  The last time I was down in my sewing room I ended up cleaning it and not sewing at all.

This last weekend, I finally did find some sewing time and I've been working like crazy since!  I managed to finish two quilt tops.

First, Ten Little Things Baby Quilt
Ten Little Things Quilt, Baby Quilt, Half Square Triangle Quilt
(Notice the cute little shoes peeking out from under the quilt)

My daughter Ari was gracious enough to help me with photography yesterday.  But first, she had to put her high heels on, because she said her feet were cold.  I think she just wanted to look pretty for the pictures!

"High" heels on a five year old are the cutest things!  She begged and begged for these adorable things.  They have a heel that's really chunky and only about 1 inch high.  Before she could commit to the purchase though, she had to test them make sure they made a 'pretty noise' on the hard floor, like mom's.  They passed the test, and now she hardly ever takes them off!

Anyway, I digress...

This quilt has been sitting up on my design wall for a LONG time.  Actually, since February 20-ish.  I first blogged about it here.

I got a little ahead of myself in the process, though.  I put all of my half square triangles for this quilt up on my design wall and found a layout I liked before I'd even trimmed them.  So to sew it together, I had to take the blocks down, row by row, and trim them first.  Ugh.  It took longer than I wanted, so I trimmed and sewed half the rows together, then came back and finished them about two weeks later.  Next time, I'll remember to trim first, then work on layouts after!

This quilt is for a friend of mine that just had her first baby.  

Ari had a little help holding the quilt.
It measures about 40 inches square.

She needed it because it was really windy yesterday.  It was hard for her to control, and I was a little afraid the wind would yank it out of her hands and blow it away!

Half Square Triangle, Baby Quilt, Ten Little Things

She managed to keep it under control, though.

The brown is Kona Chocolate, which I think is just a touch too dark.  It was in my stash, though, and I'm trying hard to use what I have if I can.

I just love the prints from this line.  Each one is so adorable!  There are owls, trucks, cars, pebbles, numbers, jacks....just perfect for a little boy.

I plan to use this adorable owl print in dark blue from the line to back it in.  I just realized the owls are upside down.  Oops!

I chose the yellow dots on blue to bind it can just see it there on the edge.  I found the fabric at my local quilt shop, but now I have it home, I'm a little worried that it's going to be too much next to the 
busy-ness of the quilt.  There wasn't a big selection in this line there; in fact, only 5 bolts, and mostly different colors of the owl fabric.  It doesn't look so bad with just the quarter-inch strip.  I guess I'll just have to see once it's quilted and ready to bind.  Any thoughts?

Since this post has gotten way out of hand and much longer than I expected, I'll talk about my second quilt top tomorrow.

The weekend is coming up fast and I can't wait...our Spring Break is next week!  I'm looking forward to some down time with the kids.  It's finals week for my husband, so unfortunately we won't be seeing a lot of him next week.

Maybe I'll be able to sneak some sewing time in and get some of my Swoon blocks done!


  1. That quilt is too cute and the brown is perfect! What a BOY quilt! But I must say, those shoes take the cake! My 7 yr old would LOVE to have shoes like that, and she would never take them off either! What a darling little helper you have!


  2. Your daughter has great taste in shoes :) those are so cute, wish I could find some in my size!

    Love your quilt top! isn't it great to be able to use what you already have? it always makes me feel so thrifty & clever :)

  3. love the quilt top and the little shoes with the adorable little girl in them

  4. Love this quilt, Diane! You don't see brown as a background in baby quilts very often, but I think it works wonderfully. I don't think it's too dark at all. I could see the binding in the same brown as the background if you wanted to be more subtle. But the yellow dots work as well. Either way, it will be beautiful!


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