Friday, March 30, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake

I said yesterday that I had completed two quilt tops this week, but I only had room to talk about one.  That's probably because I'm too wordy and picture-crazy in my posts.  But, it gives me an excuse to write another blog post this week!

bliss quilt, strawberry shortcake, stacked coins quilt

This quilt is called Strawberry Shortcake.

It's actually been in the planning stages for over a year, and then in the partially-made stage for at least three months.  I got the fabric for Christmas 2010 from my husband and kids.  2011 was a crazy year, and I never had a chance to get started on it.

My quilting obligations last year were: 
my daughter's college quilt, a wedding quilt for my friend's daughter, three commissioned quilts, and my husband's Boise State quilt for Christmas.  

Sadly, six quilts were all I could accomplish last year.  Major problems with my sewing machine that had it in the shop seven different times made all those quilts go really slow. 

Projects that I have planned for myself usually get put on the back burner anyway.  I think it's probably like that for most of us.

I finally did start it early this year because I got a major guilt-trip at Christmas by my kids when my husband gave me a fat quarter bundle of Ruby.  They said I didn't need more fabric because I still hadn't used the fabric they'd given me last year.  You fabric addicts out there know that theory just isn't correct! 

That motivated me though, because I didn't want my kids to feel bad about the gift they had pooled their money together to give to me.  I got to work pretty quickly after that.  I finished the 'stacked coins' and hung them over my cabinet doors.  There it sat until I finally caught the bug early this week and finished it.

I think it's beautiful.  I love Bliss and the way all the fabrics and colors just work together in such a magnificent way.  

My husband told me it's "Strawberry Shortcake-y."  I think he was talking about the character, not the dessert.  I'd say that's accurate.  The reds, pinks and greens especially make it seem like that.  So, in honor of my husband, I decided to name it Strawberry Shortcake.

I used the white-on-white dots in the Bliss line for the white space, instead of just a plain solid.  I love how it works in this quilt.  (wrinkles up there. yuck.)

 My little helper again.  She was getting pretty bored by this time, so I had to let her take some pictures to keep her helping!

This is one of the pictures she took with me holding the quilt.  Not bad, huh?

The pattern is a traditional stacked coins.  The coins measure 4 1/2 X 2 inches (finished).  The white strips are 3 inches across finished.  

The quilt measures 66 X 72 inches.

I plan to use it as a lap quilt in our living room.

strawberry shortcake quilt, bliss quilt, stacked coins quilt

I'm going to back it in Bliss Flannel--the red with white dots.  The binding will be the red print on the top right of the picture above.  I'm so excited to get it put together and quilt it.  It will be the first quilt I've ever made for myself in the 12 years that I've been quilting.

I'm linking up today!  I really appreciate these great ladies for hosting these fun linking parties!  Hop over and check out all the great projects out there.


Crazy Mom Quilts

Spring break starts today.  I'm so excited!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Great finish! That fabric line works well with the sliced coins -- love it! :)

  2. Cute quilt !! Funny thats what Doug named it, but it really does look like that era of Strawberry Shortcake colors ! Maybe he remembers so well because he secretly wanted one of those dolls !!! :)

  3. Beautiful! I love that fabric line too! I've wanted to make a stacked coins quilt for quite some time, so maybe this will be my inspiration and get me going!

    You have a top notch helper there!


  4. I love the quilt.. so pretty and fresh. I think it could reference Strawberry Shortcake, the character AND the dessert. :o) Love all of the photos, too!

  5. oh wow! that is just beautiful and that is a perfect name for it!
    I really love that white dots on white, it's so subtle but perfect!

  6. Beautiful quilt! I have a stacked coins quilt on my to-do list but who knows if I'll ever get around to it!

  7. Diane, it is beautiful! I've got that same backing you are planning to use. It will be so cozy! So nice to make something just for you. Enjoy!

  8. Your quilt is just lovely.....I find it so fresh and just a pleasure to look at. Can't wait to see it quilted

  9. Diane, I love your Strawberry Shortcake! So cheery and bright!

  10. Sinfully sweet quilt and think on it, NO CALORIES!

  11. Your quilt looks gorgeous. I made a couple of quilts last year in Bliss - I'm yet to quilt but they are very pretty. You are right those fabrics work really well together.

  12. Your quilt is so beautiful - definitely worth the wait!!! And I love the name! Whoop whoop!!


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