Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Finished!...Again!

I finished it!  My 7-year-old WIP that I've put away so many different times that I can't count them.  I learned my lesson (see the previous post), and did it right.

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I did change the binding on it, since I had to take it off anyway.  I like the blue binding much better.  
I feel like it calms the quilt down just a little bit, and doesn't clash with the quilt.

This red is the old binding.  I think that it clashes with the other reds, and makes the quilt feel busier.

What do you think?

(notice the black eye...his first of many, I'm sure.
It comes with the territory when you're a rough-and-tumble kind of guy!)

I'll celebrate my finish and show some fun pictures with my little (and not so little) helpers.

My daughter Ari decided she needed to put some "style" into the quilt.

It looks like some super awesome water ballet moves!

A close-up of the binding and some of the quilting.  I didn't end up quilting the border at all.  I put the binding on all by machine.

We did some fun kid-in-quilt tossing, but I couldn't get one non-blurry picture, so I thought I'd make a collage so you can see how much fun we all had!

I was planning on taking it outside and taking some fun shots, but we woke up this morning to this:

A couple of inches of snow on the last day of our Spring Break.  Bummer!  

We could only stand a couple of outside shots.  Brrr!  That's what happens in Spring in Idaho!

Even though I don't {LOVE} the quilt, we're still going to use it.  It will be one of those quilts that I won't mind it being dragged and tossed around...even taken outside for a picnic or used to make a fort.

That is, if my husband doesn't steal it.  He says he REALLY likes it, because it's so linear.  He's an analytical-type of guy and needs everything laid out in straight lines.  {Example:  when we plant trees and bushes, he has to measure everything so it's perfectly spaced apart, from side to side and front to back--but don't tell him I told you that! :)  }

That's why everything I love he says, "meh--s'okay."  And everything I don't especially like, he loves!

I hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend!

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  1. It turned out nicely--I'd almost forgotten about that quilt, honestly. It also snowed here in Provo this morning, too.

  2. It turned out nicely--I'd almost forgotten about that quilt, honestly. It also snowed here in Provo this morning, too.

  3. Didn't you start making that quilt a little before Rayce was born? It's been a long time...

  4. Congrats on getting it done. I agree I like the blue binding, but the red is just fine too, doesn't look to clash with in the pictures. I think it's a great quilt and will be wonderful for July 4th fireworks :)

  5. Congrats on the finish, Diane! I admire that you stuck with it and finished it up. I've just about given up on my 11-year old WIP. I don't like it anymore so why bother?!? Have a great weekend!

  6. Nice kids and a nice finish. I understand about the husband. I planted trees with mine today. You can guess how that went.

  7. That is a very splendid quilt! your husband's response has given me insight into what makes a good "guy" quilt...thank-you I have been struggling to understand how to make something that men and boys would enjoy, I will keep those points in mind.
    Thank-you and keep doing the "right" thing like finishing up your UFO's and making them as well as you can, I agree that it really is ultimately worthwhile. You set are setting a good example for us all.
    blessings:) toni-anne

  8. I love the blue binding - you're right about the red binding. It is a little busier. Blue was a better choice.

    And I'm an Idaho girl too - and we had that crazy snowy weather. Ugh. Can't believe I actually miss springtime in Seattle!

  9. I agree with your change to the blue binding. Love your quilt!

  10. Love it! I agree with Doug:-) nice job!

  11. Amazing!! I bet it feels really really good to have it done!

  12. That is a really great quilt. Put it away for a few days (or weeks) and then get it out again and you'll love it! It was fun to see it get its inaugural use. Congrats on a great finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E


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