Monday, April 23, 2012

Modern She Made Swap

I'm SoOoOo excited to be a part of the Modern She Made Swap!

Modern She Made Swap

This is my first you-make-something-for-your-partner-swap, so it's been exciting to learn how these things go.

It's been so fun to see all the fabric choices and watch all the projects come to life on Flickr.  Click the button above to go see what's been going on there!

After getting the profile of my partner and doing some online stalking of her, I finally feel ready to unveil my fabric choices for her!

I had so much fun choosing these fabrics!  Part are from my LQS, and part from my own stash.  I love how they look together and I'm really hoping that she'll love them too!

As far as a project, I'm thinking either a mini quilt or a sewing machine cover for her, with a circle of flying geese or a New York Beauty Flying Geese block.   What do you think?

I love the idea of a swap.  I don't usually make things for myself, but I love to make something for someone else.  So in a swap, I get the best of both worlds!  I have the excitement and joy of thinking of someone else and making something to surprise her with, but I am also going to get a fun surprise in return!  I love it!

So are you involved in any swaps right now?  Which ones, and what do you love about a swap?


  1. Hi Diane! I'm in this swap too and it really has been so much fun seeing what everyone is doing. I usually only do one "make something" kind of swap each year just because of the time involved, but I really love quick easy charm swaps where you cut so many squares and send them in and then get a variety of squares back. Those are great for acquiring a nice sampling of colors or patterns to use in projects.

    I love your fabric choices and ideas for your swap gift!


  2. that is a great stack of fabrics! I love the colors, very cheerful :) I recently joined a mugrug swap at and a charm swap at These are my first swaps of both kinds, so I'm a total swap newbie! I'm very excited, though :)

  3. Your fabric choices look great! I"m so glad you joined us for our first round of the swap! Each round will be a little different so I hope you join in again next time! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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