Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My OLDEST WIP Becomes a Finish, Then a WIP Again...

It's sad, but true!  Monday night, I had a completed project.  Tuesday morning, it became a Work in Progress.  Again.  {sigh}

I finished this quilt top SEVEN years ago.  I didn't know what to do with it as far as quilting it, so I folded it up, and put it away.

I've taken it out from time to time and done some work in stages on it.

A couple of years ago, I quilted it, but when I came to the borders, I ran into a BIG problem.

At the time I had pieced the top, I hadn't learned that you have to measure the quilt top in the center, cut the borders accordingly and then sew them on that way.  Instead, I just cut the border big, sewed it up, and cut off the remaining fabric.


I got about halfway up one side and I realized that this was happening...and that it wasn't going to be able to be quilted without the fabric folding over on itself and creating a big mess.

Knowing I was going to have to tear out all the quilting I'd done on the border, and then remove the borders, I folded it up, and put it away again.

So, about two months ago, I did unpick all the quilting in the borders, and pulled the borders off.  And then I folded it up and put it away again.

Monday, I decided I was going to finally, FINALLY, finish this quilt.  So I measured the borders and re-sewed them on.  Instead of doing it the right way, I sewed it on right through the batting and a quilt-as-you-go method.

Then, at the last minute, I decided to change my plans for the binding.

But after I was finished, I decided I don't like the binding.

In fact, I think I don't like the entire quilt.

That's the reason that you don't let your WIP's get too old.  Because then you ask yourself, "WHAT WAS I THINKING??!?!?!"

But at this point, I decided it didn't matter, I'm done.  I'm not doing another thing to this quilt.  So I went to bed, and the next morning, I threw it in the washer, to see if I liked it any better after it was all soft and crinkly.

I pulled it out of the dryer yesterday, and realized that my border had pulled out of my binding in places.  Grrr!  At one point in my contemplation of this situation, I actually thought about doing nothing and letting it go, until the fabric frayed so much that it would need to be thrown out.

Of course the fabric had pulled out of the border.  I was working carelessly, just wanting this quilt to be finished.

So, there are some very important lessons I've learned in this situation:

  • I can't walk away from problems with my projects.  There's a difference between giving yourself some time to contemplate and regroup, and ignoring the problem.  I should have tackled it and finished the quilt seven years ago regardless of the problems.
  • I'm a quilter; and therefore, each quilt that I make deserves the same dedication and care as any other.  Why would I just become sloppy and careless for a quilt that my family is going to use?  I need to spend the time to get it right, because I started it and it needs to be finished.  Even if I don't love it anymore.
  • I was NOT going to blog about this quilt.  I don't want to admit to everyone that I've been lazy, careless, etc.  But this blog is about my quilting, the good and the bad!  Even the best quilters make mistakes....that's how we learn.  I'm determined to learn from this!  I'm a quilter, for all the good things that I create, and all the not-so-good.  {It was my husband who said that to me.}
So, there you have it.  A very long story that's probably very revealing of who I am.  {gulp!}

Well, I'm off to finish removing the binding and then to finish this quilt the right way!

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Christine over at Quilt Monster in My Closet very kindly reminded me:

Quilt Monster in my Closet

It's going on over at her blog today!  I'm linking up with her as well.  Anyone have any old projects they're finishing up?  Hop on over and link up as well!  At any rate, go see what everyone's pulling out of their closets!


  1. As a new quilter I have a question for u about part if this post. And I am the QUEEN of stupid questions, so I'm going to ask. What do u mean measure from the center and add borders accordingly? How do u measure from the center? Please forgive me for asking this but I really would love to know! Thanks for sharing, its someone like you that is such an amazing quilter and is not afraid to admit that u make mistakes that gives me the confidence to keep trying and I will succeed! Thank you!

    1. Uh-oh! I'm doing my borders wrong! I'd love to know how I should be doing it, too!

  2. I think that quilt is a wonderful looking quilt, and sorry to hear your ran into trouble! It is frustrating when we have problem after problem...I've had a couple like that as well! Hugs to you for battling through it!

    1. PS.. Hope you link up with my Yester Year WIP Challenge..this is a perfect showpiece!! We've all got those projects in our Sewing Closets :)

    2. :) THANK YOU for Linking UP :)

  3. well you answered my question about why my border got all rippled- I didn't take mine out tho'!
    Thanks for sharing your quilt and the irritations with it- It's nice to know I am not alone! :)

  4. I love the quilt! I've been quilting for years, and even had a UFO that was 17 years old that I finally finished a few years ago. One of my first quilts had binding that separated like that. You know what? It's still in use 10+ years later, and I never fixed it! I'm lazy, so I just put a big zig zag stitch on the top of the binding where it separated. Someone else suggested that I add wider binding over the top of the old binding (which I never did). IMO, when I quilt becomes a chore, it's time to give it away, and move onto other things. But seriously, I DO really love that quilt! It'll make someone very happy! I've started finishing up and giving my UFO's that I no longer love to Project Linus. Win win for everyone!!

  5. I love this post! I think everyone has had frustrations with different quilts they've made! I think at least one thing goes wrong with everything I make! I know I'm fairly new to quilting, but isn't "unsewing" part of the quilt making process??? That's awesome that you're fixing and learning from and completing this quilt! I'm not quite sure why you don't like it - I think it's going to make someone very happy! And with all the extra time you've spent on it fixing the mistakes, it's got a lot of extra love in it! :)

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